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Drug Buster Drug Disposal System

$ 87.00

Drug Buster Drug Disposal System
Drug Buster Drug Disposal System Drug Buster Drug Disposal System Drug Buster Drug Disposal System
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Flushing unwanted medicine down the toilet isn’t environmentally responsible. Mixing drugs in with waste isn’t safe. Having highly skilled staff crush pills isn’t cost effective. The DRUG BUSTER medication disposal system deactivates and contains the active chemicals in unused OTC and prescription medications, preventing misuse, abuse and contamination.

1. Simply place unwanted drugs—pills, liquids, narcotics and transdermal patches—into the bottle.
2. Invert and swish the bottle twice.
3. After 2 hours, or when full, discard in regular trash—not hazmat.

Uses Eco-Friendly Technology.
DRUG BUSTER’s patented solution dissolves and neutralizes the active ingredients in non-hazardous medications. This irreversible process begins immediately, taking just 15 minutes to break down pharmaceuticals into an environmentally inert slurry that, if consumed, would induce vomiting. The container can be safely stored and used repeatedly until full, at which time it can be put in the garbage.

Exceeds Agency Guidelines.
The DRUG BUSTER drug disposal system exceeds FDA, CHAP and Joint Commission guidelines for drug disposal,* helping to:
» Minimize the potential for negative environmental impacts,
» Reduce the amount of medication available for potential abuse or accidental ingestion, and
» Prevent inadvertent use of expired drugs
  • Solution starts to dissolve medications and pills on contact
  • Safe and effective for use on tablets, capsules, creams and more
  • 64 ounce bottle will destroy approximately 1500 pills per bottle
  • 16 ounce bottle will destroy approximately 300 pills per bottle

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